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and NITEX MACHINERY (Shanghai) CO., LTD.,      GJN Garment Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.  together in One company group.

Register Brand: OSHIMA, Nitex, GJN

: Unit 101, No.69, Lane 1980, Luoxiu Road, Shanghai, China.
Factory Add: No.108, Caoli Road, Xingta Industrial Zone, Jinshan Dist, Shanghai 201502, China.
Products: Ferros Metal Detector, Needle Detector Series, Non-ferrous Full Metal Detector Series, Fusing Machine Series, Fabric Inspection Machine Series, Band-knife Cutting Machine Series.
Phone Number: 0086-21-3428 1091,  0086-189-189 58837, 0086-139-2015 9009, 
Fax Number:      0086-21-3428 1092. 
Contact Person: Mr. David Wang (Director of Int'l Marketing)
Website: //www.sanyutech.com----www.nitexgroup.com--www.gjncn.com

Email: david.w@nitexgroup.com
Email: wyinghao@vip.163.com
WeChat / WatsApp: 13920159009
Skype: apparel-textile-machinery

WeChat:  13920159009
Appointed Shipper/Exporter:  Tianjin Kingsway Logistics Co., Ltd
1803-B, Wanglong Center Building, 85, Liuwei Road, Heping Dist, Tianjin, China. Tel: 008622-2422 1958.  Fax: 008622-2422 1968.














Non-ferrous and Ferrous Full Metal Detector OSHIMA-OMK-400D/500D/600D  Series---Nitex AMD-01 Metal Detector Series

Can detect out:   Fe, Steel, Cu, Al. etc all kinds of metals.





Fusing Width from 450mm---1800mm
Model: HP-450 (Mini Fusing Machine)
Model: NHG-600, NHG-900, NHG-1000, NHG-1200, NHG-1600, NHG-1800
Fusing Type:
Spring Roller Pressure type (do not need Air Pump ).
Pneumatic Air Pressure type (will needl Air Pump as air supplier).


Nitex Fusing Press Machine 600mm--1800mm

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